1. Each venue usually has a website which include directions for getting there. It should also tell you if you need a sleeping bag and pillow. If in doubt, take them!

  2. Meets generally start on a Friday afternoon/evening and as people come from all over the UK, there is no set starting time.

  3. For a weekend meet in the UK, everyone needs to bring enough food for at least two breakfasts and one packed lunch. As far as evening meals on Friday are concerned, the practice varies with individual members. Some people bring food and cook it in the hostel/bunkhouse, others eat on the way and often members head for the nearest pub or restaurant.

  4. Suitable equipment is vital; boots, waterproofs, a spare jacket or sweater and a rucksack. You will also need a water bottle to take on walks. You may also want a flask for tea or coffee.

  5. We usually do a long walk, starting about 9.00am on a Saturday. Where we go will depend on the weather and the preferences of the people attending the meet. Sometimes the whole group walks together, sometimes we split up and do different routes. During the summer, if the weather is fine, there may be a chance to do some rock climbing. Decisions about walks and climbing venues are generally finalised over breakfast on Saturday.

  6. On Saturday evening we have a 'cook-in.' This means that we cook and eat together. As no-one is willing to try and organise it, most people bring enough food for a few servings. We then cook and everyone helps themselves to the different dishes. While this can result in some unorthodox combinations of flavours, so far no-one has gone hungry. As the group includes a few vegetarians, all tastes are catered for.

  7. The one inflexible club rule is, if you don’t cook then you are on washing up duty. If it’s your first meet, we generally suggest that you don’t try and cook until you see how the system works.

  8. On Sunday mornings, we usually go for a short walk/climb. Again what we do depends upon the preferences of the people at the meet and the weather.

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