OUMS was formed in February 1989 with the aim of bringing together people who share the common interests of the Open University and the great outdoors. Membership is open to students and staff of the Open University – past or present. We are affiliated to the British Mountaineering Council.

We hold meets approximately monthly, in many different areas of the country, but concentrating on mountain areas (as you might expect!). A few of our upcoming meets are:

Everyone is welcome, whether novice or experienced. We all have to begin somewhere! We pride ourselves on being a friendly crowd, and do our best to make new members feel welcome. If you want to learn to navigate, there will usually be someone more experienced who is willing to help you.

Individual membership costs £20 per year, and is renewable annually from January 1st.

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Updated 03/04/17

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Find out more here. You can also download a membership form. Or take a look at our Facebook page (search for Open University Mountaineering Society).

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